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Duplicate Bridge Result for 2009 05 04 Monday

Duplicate Bridge Result for 2009 05 04 Monday
The Momiji Bridge Club is a club where mostly seniors meet Monday evenings to play duplicate bridge at a beautiful facility near Kingston Road and Markham Road in Scarborough.
We usually finish in the middle of the pack of the eight to twelve pairs participating in both North-South and East-West directions on a typical evening.
However, there are some occasions when we finish in the botton third of the contestants and some few times when we make it to the top one-third.
We don’t like to think about the former but are just vain enough to mention the latter.
As reported by the Toronto Star newspaper online at

Mon. May 4:  NS, 1.  …

                         EW, 1. Robert van der Meulen, Barbara Nease; ….

we managed to make it all the way to the top of the East-West pairs on Monday, May 4, 2009.


My thanks to Barbara who continues to play with me even when my performance at the bridge table leaves a lot to be desired.






2009 05 18  RvdM  in Scarborough


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Robert’s New Experimental Blog

Re: Robert’s New Experimental Blog



Hi all,



Robert is experimenting with the Windows Live blog format of which he became initially aware

after he installed Internet Explorer 8 on 2009 05 14 Thursday.





gmrvdm-at-gmail.com     replace  ‘-at-‘  with  ‘@’


2009 05 16 – 02 RvdM in Scarborough, Ontario



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Neighbours’ Help

Neighbours’ Help



Last night a group of neighbours of Mrs. Stella Stolarski who lives at 4 Anneke

Road in Scarborough, Ontario were concerned about Stella’s wellbeing after she

was not seen for a couple of days and newspapers and mail were accumulating

at her residence.


The police attended the home, gained entry through a rear window and found

Mrs. Stolarski ill in bed.


Mrs. Stolarski was taken by ambulance to Toronto East General Hospital.


The neighbours wish Stella a speedy recovery.




2009 05 16 –Saturday


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